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The barriers can be almost insurmountable. But together, we can overcome them.

Kia ora! Thank-you for being an ANGEL. 


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Yes, the barriers can be almost insurmountable.

It has been a sad discovery, realizing the extent of the challenges facing our most vulnerable youth. Just getting to work or study place can be a barrier, with no transport options (no public transport in much of the Far North), no appropriate gear and no money for necessities.

There are Government funded support options and we explore these first. There are still many instances where a whanau (family) are unable to support a young person, or there is no family.

An 19year old girl who entered tertiary study, after completing the kiwiMANA program, used her $700 EXCELLENCE in attitude award to support her board and books costs for the first term. A 17 yr old boy was accepted for a training program in forestry, and we supplied his workboots, safety gear, and appropriate clothes. In this case $1000 supported two young people. Their families simply are unable to support these costs.

Our mentors and provider partners work with our young people to ensure only those who are adequately prepared and willing to work well are supported on this critical path to sustainability and hopefulness. The recipients are required to commit, report and engage with us throughout this journey. You can be sure your sponsorship will be carefully and wisely invested.

Your $1000 sponsorship can remove the barriers to a better life. It can be the ‘key’ that unlocks the door for our rangatahi (young people)

DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE IN New Zealand as we are a Registered NZ Charity. For more information email us at

Kia ora! Thank-you for being an ANGEL. 

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