Angels Bears

Soft and fuzzy comfort for tamariki

Since 2015 these fluffy fellas have been comforting children in Te Tai Tokerau- Northland on bad days. In 2023 they also started caring for tamariki in the wider Wellington region.  

You can read more in the Police Ten Magazine here and check out some fluffy buddies in action in this Police You Tube video here.

Angel Bears are given to Police, St John Ambulance and other frontline responders to hand out to tamariki at critical incidents or other jobs involving children in trauma. Some join ‘Pepi Packs’ that are given to hapu (pregnant) māmā to help get baby off to a good start with healthy advice, and maybe one of our Angel Sacks and a blanket. 
Social Workers have reported teenagers holding their bear tightly in their pockets or bags as they navigate difficult and traumatic times. 

Sergeant Courtney from NZ Police tells a story-  
“On one occasion I stopped a speeding driver who had been involved in a shoplifting incident, and who had a child in the back seat. The driver said the shoplifting was the result of a ‘miscommunication’ and became angry and frustrated.
“The child was clearly upset so I gave her a bear as a gift to brighten her day,” says Courtney. “The child was thrilled, and the parent was surprised that a police officer would do that. 
“The driver later returned and paid for the item, which was described as out of character for her.
“I would like to think the act of giving a bear not only helped the child feel better but gave the driver a different perspective of Police and contributed to her returning to the store.”    

Angels Bears are also available to
sponsor, give as gifts, or adopt for yourself. 

One dear Kerikeri resident has amassed a tribe of least 25! Too cute! 

Thanks to Northland Foundation Grassroots Fund 2015 for getting us fluffy!  

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A very small baby in pink with a bandage on her cheek and tube in nose, lies on a hospital bed with bright blue frame. Beside her is an Angel Bear

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