Angel Treats with Mid & Far North Hospice

Since our first Fundraiser in 2012, our Hospice Memory Making Moments (Angel Treats) programme has been supporting families with children who are registered with Mid & Far North Hospice.
The first family we helped was a family of five children living in a garage with no running water or electricity. Dad was dying, and we made sure they had kai and clothes to wear to his funeral. They weren’t after treats- they were just focused on survival.
It was this family that really opened our eyes to the gross inequities in Aotearoa, and we were spurred to act. It is this family who really sowed the seed of Bald Angels- the charity that believes ALL children deserve to thrive.

As at October 2022, 101 tamariki and 43 whānau have been able to enjoy a holiday or special experience to make beautiful memories together.
In November 2022 we extended the Hospice partnership to include Far North Hospice- we have had young family share a special holiday together before their māmā passed away.

Their stories are not ours to tell, but we are privileged and honoured that these brave and wonderful people have shared their stories and memories with us.

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