Ngā Anahera Pākira – Bald Angels – a bit about us

Our Mission

Being an Angel – because ALL kids deserve to thrive

We believe all taitamariki (children and young people) deserve to be nourished; physically, mentally and spiritually. All children need hope, self respect, resilience and pride. Our mission is to motivate communities to nourish their own tamariki so that they can THRIVE.

Nourish our Tamariki

mentally, physically, spiritually, socially

Provide Relief

to tamariki & taitamariki (youth) in rural and urban Northland communities who are disadvantaged, in poverty, or at-risk in some way

Support our Tamariki

guide and empower our taitamariki in whichever way we can meet their needs so they become healthy, resilient and strong adults

Promote Education

to improve the lives of all tamariki

Promote Health

to improve the lives of all tamariki

Fundraise Together

so we can achieve the above objectives.

Bald Angels Charitable Trust [New Zealand Charities Services Registered CC50983]

Manaakitanga- looking after each other is what we can all do more of. If we ALL looked after just our own neighbours, imagine how different the world would be. We’d love you to join us and help to make a difference in our kids lives.

Who are we?

We’re just a bunch of ordinary folk motivating other ordinary folk… and some really EXTRAORDINARY folk… doing some really good stuff.

For What we do, Why, and Where (see more below)

What – We are a registered New Zealand charity. We fundraise. We gather. We grow. We nurture.

Engage and Mobilise

We engage and mobilise our community with shindigs, parties, and events to raise funds.


In the spirit of manaakitanga we partner with the Police, Plunket, Women’s Refuge, Social Services, Public Health organisations and Foodbanks to tautoko (support) the kids needing it.


In the spirit of whanaungatanga we connect our communities to gather donated warm stuff, food and toys and then redistribute 1000’s of items every year to families in need across Te Tai Tokerau (Northland , NZ).


Our mahi (work) is all about developing and supporting projects that nourish and enhance the lives of our taitamariki (children and young people)

What do we actually do?

Our annual projects include these listed here. Go to EVENTS & PROJECTS to learn more about each one, and if you’d like to volunteer flick us a message using the contact form to the right of this page… if you’d like to DONATE now, just click the pink DONATE button on this page-or you can deposit direct to the Trust Account: 03-0351-0240110-00 Ref: Donation. (Tax receipts available -Just email us with info.


Why the name? 

Because of that first fundraiser- Angels going bald.We’ve stayed doing the hairy stuff since then!  Our Māori name, Ngā Anahera Pākira was gifted to us by our kaumatua, Arana Muro.

Why do we do what we do? Because all tamariki and rangatahi (children and young people) deserve to thrive.

Where? In the BEST COMMUNITY in the WORLD! We’re so lucky to be based in The Bay of Islands, Te Tai Tokerau (Northland), Aotearoa (New Zealand). That’s home for us. But we reach our our tentacles like a friendly, huggy octopus all over the world.

Our piece of South Pacific paradise is dotted with pretty islands,  with white sandy beaches, magnificent forests, rare wildlife (nothing that can harm you!) and mind-blowing landscapes with incredible people and an extraordinary spirit. Not bad, huh?

But, sadly, in Te Tai Tokerau we have possibly the highest cases of poverty in Aotearoa. We have the highest incidence of rheumatic fever and very little infrastructure to support the layout of our isolated communities. Public transport hardly exists. Surprisingly, many whanau (families) are living without running water and electricity. Access to services can often be problematic, in some cases, extremely difficult. Our region also has some of the highest rates of truancy, child deafness and tragically, youth suicide, in NZ and the western world.


Make a Difference

However, we are convinced that, in spite of the sad statistics above, we can truly claim WE HAVE THE BEST COMMUNITY in the world.

if you’d like to DONATE now, just click the pink DONATE button on this page-or you can deposit direct to the Trust Account: 03-0351-0240110-00 Ref: Donation. (Tax receipts available -Just email us with info.

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