December 2020 Update

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It’s the end of a challenging year, and this Christmas we know many more families will be struggling-so we need your help!

Hundreds of our children are living without the basics like running water and electricity, beds and warm clothes, enough food and reliable access to medical care.  

At Christmas, the additional stress on caregivers is considerable. 

“Providing KAI BOXES and gifts doesn’t fix the problem, we know. But when our Partners turn up unexpectedly with kai and gifts, it’s potentially feeding into the four cornerstones of wellbeing-social, mental, physical and spiritual. 

What is the impact? We’ll never know exactly, but that connection may lead to more support, better health care, less family harm, less violence, less stress. If nothing else the contact from outside that says WE CARE ABOUT YOU might be the best gift.” 

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