Busy Bees knitting for babies

Our Busy Bees Angels  have buzzed up 4777 hours of knitting aroha in the last 12 months (July 2020 – June 2021)! Gathering to share their craft and ensure many more of our babies are warm and healthy with woolen blankets, Angel Sacks and cosy clothing these Angels are truly worthy of some halo polishing! 

We heard a lovely story today of a lady calling to say her 92 year mother would love to knit for the Busy Bees. Our Angel, Jenny gathered up yarn, baby cardy pattern, and needles. The sweet old dear found it too difficult to manage. Her daughter decided to have a go, and now she’s knitting! Not giving up on her,  Jenny visited the mother with our pattern for Angel Sacks and pure NZ wool. Now the old honey is delighted to find she’s able to manage this type of knitting. Yay! She’s feeling useful, engaged and connected again! 

So not only do we deliver warm clothing and blankets, but over twenty beautiful retirees meet and socialize, share and re-energise each other. This keeps their overall wellbeing boosted: mentally, physically and socially.  That is buzzy awesomeness!

Pop over to our Angel Shop if you’d like to help by sponsoring some wool or Angel Sacks for babies. 

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