Lazy Sneakers and Active Angels

It’s winter 2021 and we have a cool new partner in our mahi! Getting the kids moving and re-homing  unused sneakers was the brilliant idea of 12year Maia from the Wellington region  in 2017. Her and her team wanted to help kids get active and recycle used sneakers. We called them up and said “Let’s do this together!” So now we’re collecting Lazy Sneakers and getting shoes onto rangatahi (young people) in Northland. You can drop off your good quality sneakers to gyms and sports clubs, schools and businesses in the Bay of Islands and we’ll get them to kids all across the Far North.

In no time we had a big box full of colourful donations ready to go play on new feet! 
Contact us if you’d like to be a collection point or if you’d like to help.

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