Angel Sacks and Wool for Warmth


 Sponsor for yourself-or Buy as a GIFT for a client or friend. We’ll send an ANGEL AROHA CARD card to them from you.

Snugly little sleeping bags & clothes for new born babies. Your donation will keep a baby warm in its first 6 months.

Thank-you for being an Angel Bee and making a difference with us.

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Our Busy Bees partners make hundreds of items every year for us. Teams of talented retirees knit, crochet and sew together, keeping each other company and keeping social. We distribute the Angel Sacks (little hooded baby sleeping cocoons), baby clothes and blankets to our Maternity Wards, Plunket, and Social Services to be passed on to vulnerable families over the North.

Last year the Busy Bees donated over 3000 volunteer hours to us Angels. That’s a lot of bzzzzzzzz.

One of our Social Services Partners adds our Angel Bears and Angel Sacks to their Stop Smoking reward packs for hapu māmas (pregnant mums), so not only are new babies warm and safer in their own sleeping sack, but mum’s are stopping smoking, and contributing to the welfare of their children. We like that impact!

We’d love to see every vulnerable baby in Northland, New Zealand, warm and safe during those precious early months. Potentially, those illnesses that can cause long term defects can be avoided by our simple intervention of Busy Bee Aroha (love) and warmth.

Thank-you for being an Angel Bee and making a difference with us.

DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE IN New Zealand as we are a Registered NZ Charity

Weight 10000 kg
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