Each year Bald Angels runs the “Keep Our Kids Warm’ campaign and from this project came the inspiration for our latest winter initiative

Our aim is to collect as many warm jackets and coats (all ages from toddlers to young adults) as possible to forward to our Bald Angels partners; NZ Police, Plunket, Women’s Refuge, Social Services, Public Health Nurses, Food banks and Corrections.

These wonderful people connect directly at the ‘coalface’ and know which are families are in need in Northland communities.

By donating your previously loved coats and jackets you will know your actions means a child can go to school warm and dry.  

If  your school would like to become involved, please contact Trudie 0211305207 or email us at info@baldangels.org.nz 

Coats For Kids - Trudie and Jo at Hauraki Primary
Getting loaded with warm goodies to be distributed
Northland kids keeping warm in coats from Auckland kids-loving the sharing. This is what communities working together looks like!

Coats 4 Kids-North Shore to Northland

Our newest project is Coats 4 Kids-North Shore to Northland. We will be encouraging school kids in Auckland to pass on their good quality ‘too small’ jackets to less fortunate kids in Northland. To get involved in this project, please contact Trudie, our coordinator by emailing us on the CONTACT sheet.

Angel Shop

To help us fund these projects-pop over to our Angel Shop where you can sponsor wool for the baby Angel Sackshttps://www.baldangels.org.nz/product/angel-sacks-and-wool-for-warmth/ and bedding, warm clothes and boots https://www.baldangels.org.nz/product/keep-our-kids-warm-project/ Check out some more warm Angel activity here: https://www.baldangels.org.nz/events_projects/coats-for-kids/

We Collect

Every year we collect over 500 items of warm clothing, blankets, socks, beanies and shoes from the wider community and redistribute them via our partners to families in need around Northland.

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Children in their new warm coats

We Guarantee Your Donations Will Reach Tamariki in Need

To help us fund these projects-pop over to our Angel Shop 

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