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Barefoot and cold, hungry and tired is no way to start each day. In spite of our sub tropical climate it does get chilly, and our kids need warmth. Every year we collect over 500 items of warm clothing, blankets, socks, beanies and shoes from the wider community and redistribute them via our partners to families in need around Northland.

Our newest project is Coats 4 Kids-North Shore to Northland. We will be encouraging school kids in Auckland to pass on their good quality ‘too small’ jackets to less fortunate kids in Northland. To get involved in this project, please contact Trudie, our coordinator by emailing us on the CONTACT sheet.

To help us fund these projects-pop over to our Angel Shop where you can sponsor wool for the baby Angel Sackshttps://www.baldangels.org.nz/product/angel-sacks-and-wool-for-warmth/

and bedding, warm clothes and boots https://www.baldangels.org.nz/product/keep-our-kids-warm-project/

Check out some more warm Angel activity here: https://www.baldangels.org.nz/events_projects/coats-for-kids/

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