Angel Christmas Toy Drive


Make a difference this Christmas by sponsoring a toy and spreading joy to our most vulnerable kiwi kids.

Kia ora-thankyou!

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The community has supported this project every year since 2013. To date we supply over 1200 gifts across our region to families identified by our Partners. These Partners: NZ Police, Woman’s Refuge, Iwi Social Services, Education Services and Health Organisations are at the coalface every day. They know which families can do with this little bit of cheer at a time of the year that traditionally, can be extremely stressful.

The outcome anecdotes we’ve received from our partners are multi-levelled. For example

  • Violence in a high-risk home is averted due to stress being removed-albeit, temporarily.
  • Children are being seen by district health workers, who prior to this Xmas delivery, have not gained access to these children and homes.
  • Children have received their very first books ever.
  • A child has received something they can call their own for the first time.

We focus on books, sports equipment, board games, and activities the family can share. We love supplying practical items like beach towels, lip balms, hygiene products for teens, and physical activity items (like balls).We do not buy items that need batteries or electricity. 

Kia ora!

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