House fire and whanau support

What does awesome whanaungatanga (community connecting for good) look like? whanau support by the whole community. And that’s what we do every day by engaging and motivating our community in our mahi.  A grandma looking after her mokos (grandkids) lost their entire home to fire. How incredibly devasting for them all! It’s difficult to imagine the trauma of the whole experience, let alone having to start again with no insurance and nothing but what’s on your back.  

Thanks to our fab community, we responded to the call for support from our Police partners. We gathered furniture, clothes and shoes, blankets, toys, books and groceries for the little whanau. They’ve now started again in their new emergency home.

The pic shows some of our fab community helping to load donated goods for us. They were gardening for a local church and just stopped to help =)

If you’d like to be an Angel with us connect here.

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