July 2020 Update

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We assessed our year just ended and felt proud of the mahi we had achieved as a team, and as a community. It’s only by working together that we have been able to deliver such great impact. (Take a look at our Impact Card).

Some comments from the partners in social services that we work with:

“I have had grown solo fathers who work fulltime but still unable to make ends meet, crying on my shoulder when I drop packages off to them.” [Social Services in Haruru-Waitangi area]

“The delivery of blankets was also incorporated into our Policing COVID response and proactive activities in rural  and remote communities.” [NZ POLICE]

“Your mentoring ( Kaiārahi ) is so valuable to our young parents. Providing people to come into our students lives that can support them with their business ideas and educational journeys.” [Hiwa I Te Rangi- Education]

The gifts, kai and clothing…were so gratefully received by the families we support. The lit up faces of the children was so heart warming.” [Womens Refuge Kaitaia]

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