Tessa’s Angel Story

This is a story of a beautiful Angel, Tessa, who found a strong woman under her beautiful hair.

“The Bald Angels massive Head Shave event of 2015 changed my life. When I look at the photo of me taken two hours before the event, I see a girl. A girl who is unsure of what is about to happen, but who believes in doing something good in this world where so many children are suffering each day. When I started to volunteer for Bald Angels I mentioned that I would help but NOT shave my head. Working together with the beautiful angels changed my mind and oh how I am glad that I was brave enough to take on that challenge.

The night after the event I hardly slept. Not just from the adrenaline flowing through my body but also because laying my head on my pillow felt different. It was like I felt its softness for the first time. The first week I avoided the mirror as I was uncertain of my new look and I needed to feel and experience it without seeing it. The wind on my skin felt fresh like I had never felt before. My children and husband padded my head often which felt warm and loving. The shower became my best friend, because the water on my head felt like a head massage. All these things I experienced differently then before. It was as if I felt it all for the first time and it was amazing.

My hair grew back pretty quick and although it wasn’t curly, it felt stronger. Not only my hair was stronger, so was I. I wasn’t relying on my hair anymore to feel beautiful. I felt accepted by my family for who I was on the inside. I will never forget the enthusiasm with which my 18 month old son came running up to me calling ‘mommy, mommy’ after I had gone bald. He recognised me straight away and gave me a big hug. I have never felt more loved in my life then at that specific moment. Although my husband came pretty close the other day when he asked me whether I would consider shaving my head again.

Yes, my husband asked me to shave it off AGAIN !! He said that he sees a strong and mature woman, a loving mother of his children, when I am without any hair. And he finds this sexy Wow! Amazing. Before the event I wondered whether my husband would still love me if I would go bald and guess what, he loves me even more !!

When I now look at pictures of myself with long hair, I see what my husband means. The girl in those photo’s has grown into a beautiful strong and mature woman. I feel like me more now than I have ever felt and so two weeks ago I decided to shave it all off again and this time it is for keeps.

Thank you Bald Angels for giving me the opportunity to not only help children in Northland but to also help me grow as a person. And thank you Tristram, Elizabeth, Xavier and Matias for loving me unconditionally.”

Tessa Lock – June 2016

If you have a story  to share, then please email us at angels@baldangels.org.nz

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