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A life WILL change, and many, many others will be impacted by your sponsorship.

Thankyou for making a BIG difference with us. Read below for more info.

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We met a 21 year old prisoner who answered my question, “What have you learnt from being in here (prison)?” with this: “I’ve learnt I’m worth something.”

Tragically, the extent of the challenges facing our most vulnerable and at-risk youth are overwhelming. To find out that you have worth, IN prison, is a terrible outcome for that young man. That conversation spawned the birth of kiwiMANA.

It currently costs $92,000 per year to house a young person in a NZ prison. But the cost to society is often much, much higher.

$30,000 is the investment needed to support a young person into the kiwiMANA residential program with individual mentoring via our Kaiārahi program for up to 2 years.

What if we can turn the life of a young person around and empower them to become a respected and thriving member of our community? What if we can prevent crime, suicide and harm? What if that young person added value to our world?

kiwiMANA supports vulnerable young people to develop the self awareness and skills needed to become the best version of them, by filling their mental, physical and spiritual ‘toolbox’ and then supporting them to use those tools.

We have proven the kiwiMANA program works and we would love to share the results and outcomes with you.  Your partnership will create opportunities for more young people to thrive

Premier Sponsorship rights include promotional opportunities and can be negotiated individually. We’d like to help you spread the messages that matter to you.

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A life WILL change, and many, many others will be impacted by your sponsorship.

Thankyou for making a BIG difference.Na ta rourou, na taku rourou, ka ora nga rangatahi, katoa.

DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE IN New Zealand as we are a Registered NZ Charity


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