R Tucker Thompson Trip

For our group of vulnerable rangatahi The R Tucker Thompson sailing trip really delivered challenges across physical, mental, social and maybe even spiritual spheres. 

Many reported anxiety leading up to the event. But seeing tired and happy young people at the end of a stunning day, was so rewarding! 

Climbing the mast; venturing out across the bow; swimming in the clear waters; visiting a little island; learning how the ship works; discovering the history of the bay and overcoming anxieties was all part of the brilliant day sailing in the Bay of Islands. 

 The growth in confidence and friendships was beautiful to witness. 

A heritage style sailing ship in turquoise water with a bright blue sky backdrop
Two youth climbing the mast rigging silhouetted by the sun against bright blue sky
A group of youth sitting on the bowsprit on the ocean with blue sky and distant land mass.
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