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Xmas 2017   Ngapuhi Iwi Social Services – delivered over 100 gifts and 70 food hampers thanks to BACT

Xmas 2016   A stricken mum who has found herself in a Women’s Refuge over Christmas is delighted to have gifts to help her children get through this tragic time. Her heartfelt card of thanks and the children’s drawings made it all worthwhile for our team.

Xmas 2014   A Plunket nurse delivered a box of goodies to a home that had been ‘disconnected’ from services for some time. The unexpected gifts meant the nurse was welcomed in and she had the opportunity to assess the health of mums and babies present. And she was welcomed back for further visits. On a subsequent visit, she was delighted to see a small child ‘reading’ one of the books to a toddler. There had been no books visible in the house prior to her first visit.

Xmas 2013   Five boys living in a dirt floor garage with no electricity, no running water and a terminally ill parent are delivered gifts of books and balls along with food and toiletries that relieve the stress for a short while. On returning to visit a few months later, we were thrilled to see the smaller children reading books and having fun playing sports. Connecting this family to other organisations has meant the family have now had modifications to their ‘home’ with a kitchen added on and insulation installed. We supplied the children with appropriate funeral clothes when the sick parent passed on and we continue to check in occasionally.

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