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About the Bald Angels

Kai Ora and welcome! But watch out!

HAIRY ANGELS  ALERT! It is the Summer of The Mullet and we are celebrating hairy ole mullets this summer. Our super Rugby star, Jack Goodhue has donned his angel wings and he’s kicking the mullet for our kids. More at our Summer Of The Mullet pages. 

We believe all children deserve to be nourished; physically, mentally and spiritually. All children need hope, self respect, resilience and pride. Our mission is to motivate communities to nourish their own tamariki (children) so that they can THRIVE.

If we ALL looked after just our own neighbours, imagine how different the world would be. Join the Angel teams and help to make a difference in our kids lives.

Who are we? We’re just a bunch of ordinary folk motivating other ordinary folk… and some really EXTRAORDINARY folk… doing some really good stuff.

For What we do, Why, and Where (see more below)

What – We are a registered New Zealand charity. We fundraise. We gather. We grow. We nurture.

  • We have big shindigs, parties, and events to raise funds.
  • We partner with the Police, Plunket, Women’s Refuge, Social Services, Public Health organisations and Foodbanks to support the kids needing it.
  • We connect our community to gather donated warm stuff, food and toys and then redistribute 1000’s of items every year to families in need.
  • We develop and support projects that nourish and enhance the lives of children

What do we actually do? Our annual projects include these listed here. Go to EVENTS & PROJECTS to learn more about each one, and if you’d like to volunteer flick us a message using the contact form to the right of this page… if you’d like to DONATE now, just click the pink DONATE button on this page-or you can deposit direct to the Trust Account: 03-0351-0240110-00 Ref: Donation. (Tax receipts available -Just email us with info.

Why the name? Because of that first fundraiser- Angels going bald.

Why do we do what we do? Because we can, and we should.

Where? In the BEST COMMUNITY in the WORLD! We’re so lucky to be based in The Bay of Islands, Northland, New Zealand. That’s home for us. But we reach our our tentacles like a friendly, huggy octopus all over the world.

Our piece of South Pacific paradise is dotted with pretty islands,  with white sandy beaches, magnificent forests, rare wildlife (nothing that can harm you!) and mind-blowing landscapes with incredible people and an extraordinary spirit. Not bad, huh?

But, sadly, in Northland we have possibly the highest cases of poverty in New Zealand. We have the highest incidence of rheumatic fever and very little infrastructure to support the layout of our isolated communities. Public transport hardly exists. Surprisingly, many whanau (families) are living without running water and electricity. Access to services can often be problematic, in some cases, very difficult. Our region also has some of the highest rates of truancy, child deafness and tragically, youth suicide, in NZ and the western world.

However, we are convinced that, in spite of the sad statistics above, we can truly claim WE HAVE THE BEST COMMUNITY in the world.

if you’d like to DONATE now, just click the pink DONATE button on this page-or you can deposit direct to the Trust Account: 03-0351-0240110-00 Ref: Donation. (Tax receipts available -Just email us with info.

A little bit of History

How it all began

After several years battling illness, our founder, a 49 year old mother and business woman,  became motivated by a need to make a difference after reading an news article about a 2year old child with a terminal illness. She approached a young mum whom she thought might join her plans to run a campaign to raise money. Initially, the young mum said yes, but was not prepared to go bald and lose her luscious long locks for the cause. The grand plan was to gather 100 people and raise $100thousand  for Kids in Hospice Mid North. A big plan.

Making the commitment to go ahead if they could get 10 people signed up in a week, they posted on a local cafe  Facebook site. They had 12 signed up in 7days, so there was no backing out. Six weeks later they had enlisted volunteers, hairdressers, sponsors and the community at large. Ten hairdressers shaved 62 people completely bald on stage, and over $45thousand was raised. All that money was donated to Hospice for the Memory Making Moments project, supporting families facing very traumatic times. Not quite the target, but an extraordinary effort for a small town.

Oh, and the young mum with the long hair-yep, she went as bald as a baboon’s bum with her older friend, who found her new calling.

Since then the Charity has grown organically and become a vehicle for community connectivity and good will. Registered with NZ Charities Services in 2013, and with 5 dedicated Trustees and a handful of keen volunteers, they now run multiple projects supporting youth in Northland.

A massive event in 2015 saw 462 heads shaved in one hour, raising over $65 thousand for Bald Angels Charitable Trust. https://www.baldangels.org.nz/big-head-shave-2015-gallery/

The name stuck, but the organisation is more than about sick or cancer kids; it’s about ALL kids in our own communities reaching their potential.

Northland does unfortunately have some of the worst statistics in the OECD for child poverty, rheumatic fever, hearing loss from untreated ear infections, and skin disease exacerbated by poverty and the sub tropical climate. It also has some of the highest incidences of youth suicide, truancy and youth unemployment.

It just takes that one pebble to cause a big ripple

Get Involved


Na tau rourou, na taku rourou, ka ora nga tamariki – With your food basket & my food basket, together we can make a difference for our children.

Being an Angel – because ALL kids deserve to thrive

  • Let’s nourish our tamariki (children); mentally, physically, spiritually, socially
  • Let’s provide relief to tamariki & taitamariki (youth) in rural and urban Northland communities who are disadvantaged, in poverty, or at-risk in some way
  • Let’s support, guide and empower our taitamariki in whichever way we can meet their needs so they become healthy, resilient and strong adults
  • Let’s promote education & health to improve the lives of all tamariki

…and let’s fundraise together so we can achieve the above objectives.

Bald Angels Charitable Trust [New Zealand Charities Services Registered CC50983]

Bald Angels’ Cultural Awareness Policy

Bald Angels will develop/maintain bi-cultural practices. It is recognised that cultural appropriateness in this context means the relationship between Maori people as Tangata Whenua of Aotearoa and non Maori of other ethnic origin.

Bald Angels will ensure the cultural safety of participants by ensuring we adhere to the following:

  1. Acknowledging that Bi-cultural practice is not a rigid process – it is a process of growing together.
  2. Bi-culturalism entails being aware of and respecting cultural difference.
  3. Access to and use of cultural advice will be free and made available for all with our Kuia and Kaumatua, Hana & Arana Munro
  4. Significant use of Te Reo and tikanga throughout service and programme delivery
  5. The use of Maori practice models – Te Whare Tapa Wha   (Ref: https://www.health.govt.nz/our-work/populations/maori-health/maori-health-models/maori-health-models-te-whare-tapa-wha
  6. The use of practice tools supporting links to whanau, hapu and iwi.
  7. Client files will record ethnicity.

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Kaitiaki- protectors & guardians: these are our GovernanceTeam & Board Members-we’re in the process doing a wee intro bio for each, but here’s a quick hint at who we have.

  • Arena and Hana Munro– Kaumatua and Kuia, Maori Partnerships and Protocol (Ngati Rehia)
  • Thérèse Wickbom – Co-founder, CEO (AngelMama, Award Winning designer and big thinker)
  • Bayley Moor– Youth Rep and Media/Communications (Journalist)
  • Patricia Dargaville– Whanau and Community Liaison (Health and Social Kaimahi)
  • Sian Smith– Policy and Law (Policy Law and Advisor)
  • Clare Danks– Administration and Projects (Entrepreneur, Business and Property Developer)
  • Annika Dickey– Treasurer (Chartered Accountant)
  • Anne Robinson– Projects & Health
  • Fiona Sharp– general Angel helper and rustler

And our super professional Business Advisory Angels: