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KiwiMana is a Bald Angels Trust project with Adventure For Good Trust, Red Cross and Community Partnerships


Youth between 16-24 years old who are ready to Step Up. They are not in employment and not in education. If they are on a WINZ programme they can still apply.

Currently between several locations in the Mid-Far North, Aotearoa.

At the moment the programme runs for seven weeks: ten days bush, seven days on camp learning life skills, (17 days live-in) three weeks’ work experience (living back home) then seven days back on camp.(live-in). This timetable is subject to change.

We expect all candidates to be more prepared for work and everyone will be encouraged to find employment, with support from the KiwiMANA team.

We will follow up for 90 days with mentoring and communication to help resolve any challenges in the work place.

Yes, each person will be assessed by a team as to suitability for the course.

At this stage there is no dollar cost to the applicant. We do, however, expect 100% commitment to the team values, learning, and working hard. We also require whanau to be supportive, and follow up with values at home.

Yes, if we have all their details and it’s approved by the Ministry of Social Development.

If they are not in employment, education or training. They will need to register with WINZ.

Qualified Adventure Educators, Adventure For Good Charitable Trust. They are all certified adventure providers and every caution is taken to keep the team safe.

A good attitude and a willingness to STEP UP. A gear list will be provided once the applicant has been accepted. Most of the kit is provided. The only requirement is some basic clothing and footwear.

Each applicant will be assessed at the interview stage for suitability.

Yes, all meals are provided and the applicants learn to cook. Bedding is supplied.

KiwiMANA aims to work with individuals to develop their dreams, look for opportunities and guide the way to a better future. We will help build resilience and pride; respect for ourselves and others, respect for our Mother Earth and goals to strive for. We will grow lifelong friendships and build new whanau built on trust.

We live in a world of opportunities AND challenges, and as long as we are prepared to put in some effort, let go of old patterns, and build new behaviours, we can overcome those challenges and embrace the opportunities. To grow a healthy tree takes the right environment, the right nutrients and some protection, and together, we can grow healthy youth who will lead us and their whanau to a better world.

Respect is KEY.                                MANA will come.

If you are ready to STEP UP, embrace your talents, skills and gifts and create a dream pathway, then register your interest here now. Let’s discover your gifts, create your dreams, and plan for great life that supports you and your whanau. 

Our Premise: Respect for self, others and the land.

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If you, or someone you know, is ready to Step Up, kiwiMANA may be for them.

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