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Since 2016, little angel-branded bears have been packed and supplied to First Response Units: St John’s, Fire Service, Police etc. to support kids in trauma.

To enable the project to be self funding, our retail ‘Sponsor a Bear’ project has been launched. We are planning to develop a character and resources around wellbeing, staying safe, resilience and self respect. It is intended to develop this project with the support of our Corrections alliance (Angel-Mates). To help us grow this project and support the well being of kids struggling in so many ways, please sponsor a bear.

For every bear you purchase another bear will be sponsored for a child, and we can develop our resilience programme for kids.

We are delighted to share our cuddly Angel Bear as a comfort buddy to Chicky on Mac’s patch.


Ambulance Report

July 2017

–  5 year old girl with croup and febrile
–  3 year old girl who had febrile convulsions
–  3 year old boy who amputated the top of his finger in a door (ouchie!)
–  7 year old girl who was shown through the ambulance while we were parked up at the markets doing BP checks – she seemed keen and asked a lot of questions, and as it transpired she was a very proud    “cancer survivor” who had spent the last two years in Starship.

   September 2017

–  5 year old boy with asthma and upper respiratory infection, great distraction during the use of a nebuliser mask.
–  A 2 year old girl post febrile seizure, very cranky but again settled well with the distraction.
–  One to a new mum post childbirth for her baby boy, which she had at home only minutes before ambulance arrival (perfect timing).

   November 2017

–  7 year old boy Short of breath, cough with probable underlying chest infection
–  2 year old boy with high temps and dehydration from D’s and V’s
–  5 year old boy with abdominal pain (probable bowel obstruction)
–  5 year old boy from a car accident, dad fell asleep at the wheel and drove into a ditch. Cut to the head but no major damage – teddy well received as ‘distraction therapy’

Police Report

Police attended an emergency where a desperate father felt suicide was the only solution.

The Bears and the care shown by the attending officers gave encouragement to the children, you see this when you read the words on a thankyou card from the family.

One of the children wrote these words “thank you for the wonderful food. I really do appreciate it. I was very excited.  It makes me like Police officers even more. One day I’ll be a Police Officer and do the same. Thank you for encouraging me to help people when they are stuck”  These were the words of one of the children, written in the handwriting of the child.

In addition, the parents wrote the following “I wish I could give so much more back for the amazing kindness and compassion you have shown my family.  I needed to let you know how truly grateful we are & knowing there are still good people out there. Gives me hope things will get better. I could never thank you both enough.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts & you have truly made an impact in our lives. ”  

As you read them you realise this is not just a quick thank you.  This is a thank you from the heart.  These children will remember the goodness shown to them, it will remain an influence on them as they grow.  I have absolutely no doubt that what everyone did in those 24 hours really did make a difference.  The bears made a difference to the children.  The work by Bald Angels as an organisation made a difference for this family.  The Partnership between Bald Angels and Police meant that Bald Angels could make a difference in the lives of these family members.